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Amy and Vinnie met in 2004, brought together by a love of the Pet Shop Boys. Discovering an uncannily similar (yet eclectic) taste in music, and a particular passion for synth-pop, they began writing music together. The result was Flickerfall, blending Amy's personal songwriting and lyrics with Vinnie's production techniques and musical inspirations.

About Amy

My music is a direct expression of my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. The songs I write say more about me than I could ever say in conversation. Growing up, I was a classically trained musician, so I've written in a wide variety of styles. But electronic pop music is my passion, and I've been doing it ever since my first MIDI sequencer in the late 90's. Fortunately, my music has evolved since those days, especially from working with Vinnie.

Right now, I'm also working on my own original acoustic music, and performing covers and original songs on acoustic guitar and voice. (You can check out my website at: Aside from music, I also like: drawing comics, writing flimsy NaNoWriMo novels, playing video and board games, meditation, and web programming/design.

About Vinnie

My experiences with making music started when I was 8 and my mom forced me to take piano. I instantly hated it and quit after two years, when my teacher decided shed had enough of me. I continued to find music I loved - U2, Depeche Mode, XTC - but I only returned to making music in high school, when I was suddenly inspired to write songs.

Initially, I tried to recreate my favorite songs to see how they were broken down, and the sounds I discovered in the process became new songs entirely. The way I create music today is not that dissimilar - drawing inspiration from old favorites and new finds, and then turning it into something unique.

In addition to being a member of Flickerfall, Im also a judge for the video game arrangement site OverClocked Remix (where you can find more of my music), and one of my remixes was featured in Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.