Side Panel 2


Delayed Reaction (2009)

Late nights stay in at your flat
Just you and me, conversation and a couple of laughs
So happy everything's all right
I won't forget just because it's all in the past

The word forever goes round in your head
You count the "I love you"s that I've said
You feel uneasy like you're caught in a trap
I know it's time to let go at last

This is the end
You are now free
Just hope that you remember that you once loved me
This is the end
And now we both see
That you and me together was never meant to be

I can think about the good times we've had
They'll make me smile sometimes and I won't feel sad
It doesn't matter if it wasn't enough
Because I know we tried not to give up

Thinking I'd miss you to some extent
Read through the love letters that you sent
But they won't make me cry
And I think we both know the reason why